What’s Keeping You Stuck? You belong here if you...

  • Feel like you never get ahead of your finances.
  • Get stressed about money in your life or in your relationships.
  • Experience guilt about your spending.
  • Replay old money stories that produce present-day fear.
  • Focus on scarcity over abundance most of the time.
  • Feel burned out in your career and aren’t sure what’s next.
  • Don’t feel confident enough to negotiate for your needs or worth.
  • Have forgotten the natural, abundant flow of money.
  • Don’t have enough saved for emergencies or opportunities.
  • Lay awake at night worrying about your finances.
  • Wonder about whether the financial plan you have in place is working for you or not.

Create a Legacy of your Own Intentions

You deserve to live a life full of abundance. Don’t let money and your old beliefs get in the way of living a more enriching and authentic life. Your financial health affects all areas of your life. Unhealthy patterns may lead to stress whereas healthy patterns can lead to more freedom.

For those wanting more freedom and financial confidence, below are a variety of packages to help you on your way to financial well-being.

Services and Packaged Offerings

 Financial Clarity Session

  • Get clear on values and vision
  • Get organized with your money
  • Establish goals
  • Address main money concerns

What’s Included:

  • Two 45 minute sessions
  • Financial Document checklist
  • Financial Goals Worksheet
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Summary of meeting and assigned tasks


  • Automate tracking of cash flow
  • Establish an accountability system
  • Brainstorm ways to save money and increase income
  • Includes one 45 minute meeting + four 30 minute meetings

What’s Included:

  • Expense worksheet or instructions to set up online
  • Cash Flow Summary
  • Budget Summary
  • Accountability Coach
  • Summary of meetings and assigned tasks

 Debt Freedom

  • Develop preferred strategy to payoff debt
  • Monitor budget and maintain accountability
  • 30 minute initial consultation
  • One 30 minute consultation once a month for 3 months

What’s Included:

  • Develop a written plan for debt elimination
  • Debt Education
  • Summary of meetings and assigned tasks

 Wealth Strategy

  • Gain understanding of your current financial health
  • Determine short-term and long-term goals
  • Explore strategies to pursue goals
  • Review applicable tax strategies
  • Discuss estate protection and needs

What’s Included:

  • A personalized financial plan
  • Strategies to pursue your goals
  • Financial education that applies to you and your situation
  • Summary of meetings and assigned tasks

More Offerings

Financial Money Karma Coaching For Individuals | Rebecca Mennen

White Elephant Financial Coaching

Are you doing the money dance with your partner and not addressing the white elephant in the room? If this issue doesn’t get addressed, it will expand and cause more problems. I help support open and honest financial sharing. My time-tested method helps each partner get in touch with their individual emotions and then approach them together in healthy, positive ways. Sharing becomes supportive. Resentment can heal. And guess what? A simple, clear plan emerges for your soulmate dreams.

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Money Karma Transition Coaching

Are you dealing with a change in your life? Or do you see one ahead? Marriage. Engagement. Job loss. Partner loss. At these times, the desire to do inner work steps forward in our consciousness. As change nudges you in the direction of your lifelong wishes, I am here to help guide you. Let’s prioritize, rethink possibilities and attract a new level of abundance.

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