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Money Karma™ Course for Women

Peace, Love and Financial harmony.

Do you know that women now control more of the U.S. wealth than men? ** And yet, women face more financial challenges than men in a world that was designed to cater to men. I want to change that. After decades of helping clients, I know that behavior and mindset are key to building wealth. By blending years of experience as a Financial Consultant, Certified Dave Ramsey Coach and as someone who has always been interested in self-realization, I now offer an eye-opening journey to financial clarity and empowerment. This new program explores old stories that may be unintentionally holding you back, boundaries that may need to be set and fears that may get in the way of confident life changes.

This inside approach will reveal a great deal about you and your programming and point you to a way forward. Here’s a look at how these classes turbocharge your financial literacy so that you can create your dream life through clarity, alignment and authenticity.

**BMO Financial Group, “BMO Report: Despite Controlling $14 trillion in Wealth, American Women Still have Challenges to Overcome,” MarketWired, April 2015 release/bmo-report-despite-controlling-14-trillion-wealth-american-women-still-have-challenges-tsx-bmo-2006436.htm


Behaviors and Mindset to Rule Your Money Like a Queen

Module 1

Challenges and Opportunities Women Face with Money - You’ll begin to understand where some of your limiting beliefs come from as we look back. Culturally, we’ve been in the Dark Ages. Time to shake it off.

Module 2

Your Financial Heroine’s Journey - We’ll bring awareness to fears, insecurities and emotional wounds tucked away but clearly not forgotten. Then you’ll learn how to rewire your brain (neuroplasticity) for a new level of financial independence.

Module 3

Money as a Currency of Intentional Energy - Energy goes where attention flows. Where is your attention? Are you clear on your intentions? We will go all in on money talks as you energetically redirect.

Module 4

Standing in Your Power - We’ll focus on the importance of self-care and claiming your boundaries. You’ll know what you want and what you’re worth.

Module 5

Creating Stability and Safety - You’ll learn the difference between secure, anxious and avoidant behaviors. Then you’ll discover new ways to reignite a healthy and secure relationship with money.

Starting again in the fall of 2022



Financial Literacy to Set Abundance on Autopilot

Module 6

Sustainable Living and Financial Independence - We’ll discuss self-reliance, living simply and being a conscious consumer. You’ll learn how having a gardener mentality is similar to a mindset of building wealth. Then we’ll dive into steps you can take for financial sovereignty.

Module 7

Road to Financial Fitness - Get clear on where you are today and what steps you can take to pursue your destination. We will get into the nitty gritty by calculating a net worth statement, understanding cash flow and refining how to budget.

Module 8

Tackling Debt - Clean up in aisle 7. We’ll discuss Snowball, Emotional Baggage and Avalanche Strategies for taking debt down. You will learn about credit scores and the complex ever-changing minefield know as student debt.

Module 9

Investing 101- Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, oh my! What exactly are these investments and why is time horizon and risk tolerance so important?

Module 10

Planning for Retirement - Gain a big picture look at what your future holds in retirement and the various ways to save and plan for it. The sooner you get started, the better. Google “compounding interest” and you will understand the impact of this advice.

Starting again in the Fall of 2022.

Each class holds a wealth of wisdom, meditation and conversation to activate abundance. You’ll do this with the support of other women. Group energy is very powerful. It amplifies our intentions. Join me for this highly rewarding inner work. There’s nothing anywhere else quite like it. SIGN UP HERE.