Money Management & Financial Planning Advisor | Rebecca Mennen

A Heart-Based Financial Coach and Consultant

Rebecca is hell bent on making women financial equals. After 22 years of experience as a licensed Financial Advisor, she is determined to shatter money fairy tales and myths that keep women from fully stepping into their power. As a result, she now offers Money Karma classes and coaching sessions to help women transform their relationship with money from the inside out.

Multi-faceted and well versed, she teaches what she has learned firsthand. As a single mother and main provider for her family and as a previous manager for other people’s investments, Rebecca observed a great deal. She wants to help you avoid repeating a lot of the same mistakes that cost you time, money and energy. She will ground you in the reality of having and maintaining a financial framework, as well as, lead you back to your heart so that you step beyond your conditioned mind and connect with a deeper intelligence that knows your authentic nature and its desires.

Rebecca’s presence and undivided attention is what distinguishes her from typical financial professionals. Her empathic nature and experience as a yoga teacher supports her ability to tune in to your needs and comfort level. She wants you to not only discover your deepest desires, but to also go after it by providing you the right encouragement, empowerment and financial tools to do so.

She also offers results oriented packages designed to meet your needs. These services range from budgeting to creating a personalized wealth strategy.

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Mission Statement:

To address economic inequality by providing financial education, resources, tools and services that cater to women who desire to become empowered around money.


Women deserve to be paid equally and given the same opportunities and access to creating wealth as men. We are a vital component of our society, economy and families and we are worthy of our meritorious actions.

Women also have different needs and challenges than men that need to be addressed and defended.


Rebecca is a fee only Financial Advocate, Coach and Consultant. As of 12/31/2021, Rebecca retired her securities and insurance licenses and is unable to provide specific investment advice or otherwise effect transactions in securities. She instead provides a comprehensive financial service model designed to educate and empower you on all your options and deliver top-notch service no matter your income or net worth.

Rebecca's role is to educate, empower and inspire you to make informed financial decisions from a place of clarity, intention and confidence.


Bachelor of Business Administation


Completed Dave Ramsey's Certified Coach Master Training


Athena Leadership Award in 2017

An award given to individuals who have achieved the highest level of excellence, contributes time and energy to improving the quality of life for others in the community and actively assists others, particularly women, in realizing their full leadership potential.