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About Rebecca

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Rebecca Mennen.

After 21 years in the financial services, I have decided to merge my passions of money, magic and eastern healing modalities to fulfill my heart’s calling of encouraging and guiding other women to their own power.

I have played many roles in my life, meandering among many interests, responsibilities and desires, all of which have been driven by my deep curiosity for truth and meaning.

This journey has lead me to explore the deepest parts of myself knowing the deeper I dive into my own essence, the closer I feel to my own divine and authentic nature. It is from this connection that I have discovered the miracles of manifestation and the healing powers of energy.

It is also my experience as a mother and main provider for my family that grounded me into the reality of the importance of having and maintaining a financial framework that set us up for financial independence and well being.

I realized it was this combination of polarities that allowed for a more harmonious relationship with money. You need to have both energetic aspects and financial understanding to maintain a level of clarity to lead by.

I love witnessing people transform and pursue their goals and I would love to help you move closer to your heart’s desire.