Rebecca teaches others how to find financial freedom in a more sustainable, regenerative way. She offers workshops and 1:1 and group mentoring for those interested in learning how to create a more self-reliant lifestyle - one that feels so abundant, there's no need to retire from it. As a financial planner with 22 years of experience, Rebecca helps clients materialize their dreams through her Money Karma™ program which is founded on the truth that wealth is an inside job.

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Urgent Deep Dive

You’ve got a big financial decision to make – fast. It’s time for some financial triage. We’ll start with a kickoff call. Then we’ll do a follow-up working session where we take down this nagging beast together. One dilemma, one confident answer and all the relief it brings (whew!) in under a week. 
Great for deciding:
  • Whether you should buy or sell a piece of real estate
  • Affordability of a new car
  • The best way to pay off a debt
  • If you can afford to quit a job or take a sabbatical
  • Sorting out the impact of college tuition
  • Your retirement date
  • How to boost your credit score quickly
  • And more

Wealth Plan

You deserve to live a life full of abundance. Don’t let money and your old beliefs get in the way of living a more enriching and authentic life.

Your financial health affects all areas of your life. Unhealthy patterns leads to stress whereas healthy patterns lead to more freedom.

Let's break the money cycle of the past and create a legacy of your own intentions.

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