Hi, I’m Rebecca. A Financial Coach and Consultant who can transform your relationship with money. Do you know that most of wealth creation is based on our subconscious thoughts, stories and behaviors?* The smaller piece is the financial know-how. To put both together, you need more than the average wool-suited advisor.
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Money Karma Classes and Coaching

Peace, Love and Financial harmony.

You can expect a blend of street smarts and straight talk, mixed with meditation and energy work. That’s because I’m one part serious and professional Financial Advisor and one part yogi. Money is energy. Yet, no one talks about it like it is. Money is personal. But until now, no one has offered you the chance to do inner financial work this deep.

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What’s Keeping You Stuck?

You Belong Here if You…

  • Feel like you never get ahead of your finances.
  • Get stressed about money in your life or in your relationships.
  • Experience guilt about your spending.
  • Replay old money stories that produce present-day fear.

Rule Your Money Now

Upcoming Retreats, Workshops and Coaching for Individuals and Couples

Education is a new focus that I’m excited to bring to life in a variety of ways.

White Elephant Financial Coaching

Are you doing the money dance with your partner and not addressing the white elephant in the room? Address this issue now.

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Money Karma Transition Coaching

Are you dealing with a change in your life? Or do you see one ahead?

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